Isaax agent v0.8.0 release

 isaax-agent, which will load faster and use less computing resources of your IoT device. Sweet, right? Experimental support for upstart and sysv supervisors has been added. Now you can revamp your old linux computing modules into “new” IoT devices. We also added beta support for procd. Starting from v0.8.0 isaax-agent will run on OpenWRTpowered devices (“A whole new world…”)! Also don’t forget to check the cluster panel of your project in Isaax web app. There you will find a button to manually upgrade the agent running on the devices assigned to that cluster. A small but comfy feature – very handy when you need to save bandwidth in the restrained networks, so you can turn off automatic upgrade of isaax-agent and do it only when you really need to do it.]]>