Release 2017-10-18


  1. Added the ability to set devices hostname on configuration step, this will allow users to distinguish multiple devices on the same network.
  2. Users now can enable camera interface on Raspberry Pi, this will spare users from having to configure it with raspi-config utility and then reboot.
  3. Fixed networking settings on Asus Tinker Board.
  4. Updated device images to the latest versions (Raspbian to Stretch and Tinker board to latest beta version).


  1. LogFile-Service has been added. Service will deliver log messages as zip archive to desired 3rd party integration. Currently, we support: Azure Blob Storage, Google Drive, Amazon S3.
  2. Message-Service: added Azure Queue Storage for real-time log message streaming.
  3. To make gateway service just a lightweight gate between web interface and backend we moved JWT issuing into special authentication service, now working as part of IoT-service.
  4. This service is also handle resource access authorization now.
  5. Switched to the new NATS request/response format for internal communication.
  6. Stat service is now part of the iot-service with more statistics gathering rules.
  7. Fixed few nasty bugs.


  1. Added ISAAX_APPLICATION_UPDATE flag to disable/enable application updates – default value is set to true.
  2. Set ISAAX_APPLICATION_UPDATE on project.created event with other isaax-agent configurations.
  3. Removed hardcoded s3 urls.


  1. Update via github releases has been added in addition to push events.
  2. Add s3 prefixes to fetched packages.
  3. Bugs fixes and stability improvements.


  1. Bug fixes and text changes.
  2. Service status panel moved to a portal area of the main page.
  3. “Update on release” flags for cluster and projects.
  4. New credit card dialog on billing dashboard.
  5. Brought back teams.
  6. “Cancel on error” flag for script dialog.
  7. New project dashboard design.