Release of isaaxd

Introducing! Isaaxd (it’s not a typo) Isaax with more d? We have been working hard to upgrade our isaax-agent. We tried shooting it with some gamma rays and managed to create a Hulk! Well… maybe not a Hulk but a daemon. isaaxd is not just a fancy new name, it’s our new super-powered, super-featured agent (or more accurately daemon) that replaces our old isaax-agent. isaaxd has super-senses and can discover other devices using isaaxd on the same network and even communicate via RPC. Thanks to this new ability isaaxd can be used to build a star network with only one device communicating to the isaax cloud via MQTT. isaaxd also has a new communication ability allowing you to send data from your application with HTTP transport to the cloud. isaaxd can do even more! Learn how it can help your development. We can’t wait to see what you make! isaaxd Manual We also have made some changes to the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you signed up for Isaax. We made some updates & re-organization to improve the wording & consistency throughout. You can view our updated Terms of Service on our website: isaax Terms of Use We recommend reading & understanding these as by continuing to use & maintain an Isaax account you are agreeing to these terms. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Growing Together

Join the community at Isaax Camp! Share ideas, collaborate with like minded developers and help create successful IoT projects and applications. We love to see what people are creating, it inspires us here and helps shape the future of Isaax.]]>