2018-01-31 Isaax agent and cloud services update

 isaax-agent structure not only makes isaax agent more stable and reliable, but also more flexible, with support for plugins (an upcoming feature). The rewrite of the web app has reduced the build size, it is now 10 times smaller than before. It is also much less complex than the previous version meaning we can get new features up and running much more quickly from now on.

Included in this release

Isaax Agent

  1. Messages between agent, MQTT and Isaax cloud are (protobuf) encoded.
  2. Event handlers have been improved:
    • Update handler: Used for installing and updating your application.
    • Environment variable Key/Value handler: Used for updating environment variables for agent, your application and eventually plugins.
    • Plugin handler: Will be used for plugin actions.
    • Command handler: Used for stoping, restarting and removing the agent.
  3. Publishing of application and agent logs has been improved to include more information.
  4. isaax-agent.json is no longer required, isaax-agent can now use /etc/isaax.conf to connect to broker.
  5. New isaax-agent supports Darwin Operating System.
  6. Added support for upstart and systemv (experimental).

Isaax agent install script

  • Allows you to download and install agent with one command.
  • Available at get.isaax.io

Web app

  1. Environment variables support has been added to clusters. Now you can set different envars in each cluster of your project.
  2. GitHub organization repos support has been added.
  3. You can now apply coupon codes when subscribing to a plan.

Isaax Cloud Services

  1. Updated to work with new agent version, accept protobuf messages.
  2. We changed the logic of how environment variables work in the backend.
  3. All environment variables a user creates will be stored in an encrypted form in Isaax Cloud databases.