Device logs UI update

Finally! Device logs get new features 🚀and a fresh new look 👩🏼‍🎨 Happy New year Isaax users 🎉 We are kicking off the new year in style with our first update of 2019. This update focuses on the device logs in Isaax and is something we have wanted to fix for a while. This update fixes some of the most common complaints from our users and we think the device logs section is now much easier to use. [caption id="attachment_8524" align="alignnone" width="1213"] Before[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_8519" align="alignnone" width="1161"] After[/caption] One of the biggest problems with the old UI was that when you got a new log, you couldn’t see it! Every log was hidden by default and required a click to view the content. Our users found this pretty annoying so it was top of our list of changes. There was also a bug where if you did open the log you could not close it again, this has also been fixed. We also now format the logs to fit within their card. Previously for long logs you would need to scroll horizontally in order to view the whole log content, this made it very difficult to read and was one of the biggest complaints from our users. After this update logs will be formatted as you would expect to see them in your terminal or console. This should make it faster for you to debug your code and get information from your devices. Some other minor changes include:

  • Being able to reorder of the logs from oldest to newest or vice versa. 
  • Automatically jumping to new logs as they are received, though this can be disabled if desired.
Thats it for this update! If you have any feedback on this update or any other changes you would like to see feel free to send us a message at our facebook group We hope to make more improvements to Isaax in 2019 and to continue growing with our community. Have a great year!]]>